Lot et Garonne - our neighbourhood

Château Castelrey is located in the middle of the "French platter", as the French call the department of Lot et Garonne. The area is known for its wonderful local produce and you will find most of it in the charming local markets, which are open several days a week. The farmers come to sell their goods, with pride and knowledge. Vegetables, nuts, cheeses, jams, honey, meat, wines, herbs, flowers and much, much more. A trip to the markets, either to shop or just to "sniff the atmosphere" is something you should make sure to experience.
The two wine regions (appellations) closest to Castelrey are Buzet and Brulhois. Both are within cycling distance and have several wine estates that are open for wine enthusiasts to visit.
An hour north from Castelrey is St. Èmilion and the Medoc Peninsula with their many world-famous Bordeaux wine estates, where you can shop some of the world's finest wines.
The wine estate that has supplied wine to Eikhaugen Gjestegard for more than twenty years is also about an hour north from Castelrey. This estate also welcomes visitors by appointment.
In the city of Agen, which is just a 15 minutes bike ride from Castelrey, trips along the canals by bike or on foot, or by boat or kayak on the canal, are a great experience. Over a short time and distance, you will move yourself from the city's urban moods to a peaceful atmosphere along the canals. Experiences await you around every turn.
We have many suggestions for activities for our guests. The beautiful, Cathedrale Saint Caprais, located in the old town is truly an impressive building. The Old Town is a must to visit, and not just for those interested in history, culture and architecture. Feel free to stroll amongst the numerous stalls at the food markets, or walk along the narrow streets, visit galleries and museums and enjoy the southern French atmosphere that is brought to life every evening at the countless restaurants, cafés and music bars.
We have gathered information about things to see and do from some of the best providers in our area. Booking for activities takes place on arrival at Castelrey.

Some of the activities will be arranged only on certain days of the week and they usually start at 10 AM:  
Mondays: Trip for seightseeing  the city of Bordeaux and lunch on the river bank. This is a full day trip.(minimum 12 people)
Tuesdays and Sundays: Guided tour on the bikes along the canals to the Old City of Agen.
Thursdays: Visit to wine estates in Buzet with lunch. (July and August, minimum 10 people)
Fridays: Guided tour on the bikes to the charming village, Laroque Timbaut, with a lovely picnic at the Bajamont lake. 
Saturdays: Trip to Saint-Émilion with wine tasting, shopping and lunch. (minimum 12 people)

On certain days in the week the hosts at Château Castelrey offer lunch and dinner at the château.

Upon arrival (Wednesdays for visits for a week, and Thursdays for visits for a long weekend) our guests will be served a late supper after cheking in.